Kyrgyzstan; Ready to transport cargos through Chabahar port

Kyrgyzstan is ready to transport its export and import cargos through Chabahar port, said Kyrgyz ambassador to Tehran

PMO News Portal - At a meeting with the General Director of Sistan-Balucheistan Ports and Maritime in embassy of Kyrgyzstan in Tehran, Kyrgyz ambassador expressed his country’s desire to transport cargos through Chabahar Port. He added that in case Chabahar port is ready to offer discounts and incentives to foreign investors, Kyrgyz traders are ready to move Kyrgyz export and neighboring cargos through this port.

Referring to the export of Kyrgyz agricultural products to Arab countries, he continued: "For shipments of this type of goods taking the shortest routes and least amount of time is a priority. Taking advantages of Chbahar port for transporting such goods to the destination would be beneficial.

The Kyrgyz ambassador stated that meat and protein based products are other Kyrgyz exports to other countries. One of the essential requirements for transporting this type of goods is the necessary infrastructure, including refrigerated containers, if such facilities are available at the port, we are ready to transport such cargos through Chabahar port.

Kyrgyz economic delegation will travel to Chabahar at the earliest time to visit Chabahar port infrastructure and equipment, calculate transit costs for transit of goods through the port and compare it with other ports and assess the amount of discounts offered to Kyrgyz investors.

Developing transport infrastructure, especially rail, is one of Kyrgyzstan's top priorities for transporting its import and export cargos through Chabahar port.

Aug 3, 2019 12:03

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